How to Display Most Popular Tags in WordPress

How to Display Most Popular Tags in WordPress
Jennifer King

It’s no surprise that all content is not viewed evenly on websites and that is fine. In fact, it’s extremely common for certain pieces of content to have more than three times the number of views than other pieces or to keep up with new releases weeks or months after the initial release. If we consider how a YouTube channel works, then this is easy to understand. Videos and blogs are definitely different content, but the concept of popularity distribution is the same. Go on your favorite YouTube channel and find their most popular video and compare that to the others on the channel and yes, the length of time the video has been out will be a factor. Is it more than double or triple than the other videos on their channel?

How to Display Most Popular Tags in WordPress
Rudy Mercier

Do you have a bunch of “most searched” and “liked” tags on your WordPress site? If the answer is yes, you must be looking for something that can help you showcase the most popular tags of your website to your target audience, such as in a “tag cloud”. In this article, we will show you some easy to follow steps that can help you display your most popular tags on the site. However, before we start discussing the various methods of popular tag display, let’s review some basics about “Tags” in WordPress.

How to Display Most Popular Tags
Tasha Peters

Do you want to display the most popular tags used on your WordPress site? Tags and categories are the two default ways to sort your content in WordPress. Categories often get more exposure due to their broader scope, which gives tags a little less attention. In this article, we will show you how to easily display your most popular tags in WordPress.

How to Display Most Popular Tags in WordPress
Cheryl Ward

Are you looking to showcase your site's popular tags for your visitors? Categories are normally the featured organization but for narrowing down the scope of the content you would want to use tags. In this video we will show you how to display your most popular tags in WordPress.
Text version of this tutorial:
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Summary of this tutorial:
The plugin we are using in this article is:
For the first recommended method we are using the default tag cloud widget.
You would go under Appearance, Widgets and add the tag cloud widget in the sidebar that you would like.
For more control over the tags displayed you would want to install and activate the simple tags plugin.
Under Appearance, Widgets you can now add the Tag Cloud (Simple Tags) widget to your preferred sidebar.
It allows you to change the number of tags, font sizes, colors, ect.
The widget can also be ordered for display tags to show the most popular tags

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