How to Delete Old WordPress Core Files

How to Delete Old WordPress Core Files
Jeannie Gardner

I used this plugin and it shows two options ‘Existing’ and ‘All’. My existing shows 0 files and the message is “Seems like there are no old files in your installation. Dont forget to delete old WordPress files after each upgrade.” whereas under the ‘All’ option it shows few hundred files and display the message “We have found some old files in this WordPress installation. Please review the files below.”
Now i don’t know, which one to go after? should i delete files under “All” option? they are 491.

How to Delete Old WordPress Core Files
Angelic Beyer

When WordPress is upgraded, some files are no longer used and are consequently set for removal.  On some occasions, like when WordPress is upgraded via the WordPress Dashboard, PHP has no permissions to delete the old core files; thus they remain on the server, making your WordPress site vulnerable to security threats.

How to Delete Old WordPress Core Files
Debroah Cassidy

WordPress is a regularly maintained open source software looked after by a global community. It releases new versions and security releases on a very regular basis but, updates don’t automatically delete the old core files. In this video, we will show you how to delete old WordPress core files.

Delete Old (and Obsolete) WordPress Core Files | WordPress Security Tip
Minh Snider

WordPress is a well maintained open source blogging platform / CMS solution. The WordPress community frequently releases application and security updates. With each WordPress update some WordPress functions and core files change and some others become obsolete. As a matter of fact if you analyse a directory listing of an old version of WordPress it will be very different from the directory listing of the latest version of WordPress.

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