How to Create Temporary Login for WordPress (No Passwords)

How to Create Temporary Login for WordPress (No Passwords)
Rosanne Pugh

Have you ever need to create temporary WordPress accounts that automatically expire after a given time? Sometimes you may need to create temporary accounts to give temporary access to the admin area. In this article, we will show you how to create temporary login for WordPress without passwords.
Tanya Yates

Read this article to know more about what’s the Current Problem – Creating a Seperate Admin Login for Outsiders (Devs/ Guest bloggers) and how to avoid this pain, Top Benefits of using this plugin & Why and Who need Temporary Login links.

How To Create Temporary Login For WordPress Without Password
Neal Banks

You may hire a web designer or anyone to do a few changes to your website. Have you ever thought to create temporary login for WordPress without password so that an account automatically expires?

How to Create Temporary Login for WordPress
Lavada Braswell

Have you ever needed to create a temporary account that will automatically expire after a specific date? Sometimes offering temporary access to the admin area is required. In this video, we will show you how to create a temporary login for WordPress without passwords.
Text version of this tutorial:
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Summary of this tutorial:
Start by installing and activating the Temporary Login Without Password plugin:
Once activated go to Users, Temporary Logins and click on Create New.
You will see a form where you need to enter information for the temporary login you want to add.
Provide an email address for the user, add their first and last name and select a user role for them. Be careful how high you set their user role.
Finally select the duration you would like for the temporary account to decide when you would like it to expire.
Don't forget to submit to save your changes.
The success message will appear with the url that anyone can use to login to the temporary account you just added until the expiration date.
Visit Users, Temporary logins if you want to view or edit your list of temporary logins including the last login date.

Create Temporary Login without Password for WordPress
Debby Brand

An excellent idea and plugin.
I do tech support and am constantly asking for username/password/login page.
The issue I encounter is many site owners only want to create a username and then let WordPress send me a password set link.
Many time they don’t have their email functionality properly installed and I never receive an email.

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