How to Create a Recent Comments Page in WordPress

How to Create a Comments Central Page Template in WordPress
Amanda Ray

I found your page in my search for a little trick, but seems to be not used… but I think it’s an handy trick wich should used on many site who carry a testimonial page, for example. I also presum it’s an easy snippet to write but I’m not a php king…
It’s: grabing the comments_count/number from the testimonial page (wich is a page, not a post), and print it into the sidebar.

How to Create a Recent Comments Page in Woocommerce themes
Catherine Scott

The main and only task plugin WP-RecentComments for Woocommerces themes display recent comments in the sidebar of your blog. You can specify the number of comments, the maximum length of the recording, divide trackbacks to display user avatars. It also supports splitting the comments on the page using AJAX technology. And the most pleasant thing that all this functionality is fully implemented in the most accessible for admin and user without knowledge of PHP or something else.
The plugin can be found on the official WordPress website here. Installation, in principle, is trivial – download the archive, unpack, upload to FTP to /wp-content/plugins/. Then activate it in your Woocommerces themes, then you can go to the same menu section for setting options.

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