How to Create a Multi-Page Form in WordPress

How to Create a Multi-Page Form in WordPress
Christina Miller

My question is does WPForms has the capability to put an “upload audio, video, images option” on one of the pages of the forms? Because I’m planning to use WPForms for an order form wherein the customer will need to upload stuff as one of requirement for the order.

How to Create a Multi-Page Form in WordPress (Step by Step)
Taylor Hodges

Using multi-page forms (like the example above) when asking for a ton of information decreases the rate of form abandonment, thus upping your conversion rates. Plus, if someone is willing to fill out a multi-page form, it shows their dedication to your website, which makes them a higher quality lead.

How to Create Multi Page Forms in WPForms
Carmen West

Now that you’ve added a Page Break, you may notice that a First Page area has been added to the very top of your form. You can click on First Page to select a Progress Indicator type and color, as well as set a title for your form’s first page.

How to Create a Multi-Part Form in WordPress
Marty Leavitt

Multi-part forms are an amazing tool to simplify long, complex forms and massively improve the user experience. Most long forms can be divided into natural sections. For example, a travel booking form could be divided into pages for Contact Details, Traveler Information, Additional Requirements, and Payment Details.

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