How to Create a Custom User Registration Form in WordPress

How to create a Beautiful Custom WordPress User Registration Form Super easy?
Karlene Manson

An ideal user registration form not only collects user information for you, it also lets an exclusive space for the registered users. I mean user profile pages. They can create a user profile of their own, manage their details, and contribute your site in the possible ways as far as the assigned user role allows. This way, users get more engaged to your site, the interaction increases and ultimately help to your site’s success.

How to Create a Custom User Registration Form in WordPress
Bao Mount

You can also add a custom user registration form to any page on your WordPress website. Plus, you can set it up so it redirects users once they’ve registered; meaning, you can send users to any landing page you desire. This is a great way to collect leads if, say, you redirect users to your email optin page.

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Dollie Hatton

Not everyone whose website was built with WordPress like the fact the default registration page lives outside their website and do not conform to their site design. The dislike is also as a result of limited fields in the default registration form – contains username and email field with password sent to the user after registration.

How to create custom user registration form page in WordPress?
Lucy Franklin

Maybe you don’t have to imagine since it is exactly what you are going through at the moment! Granted, many times themes come with their own custom user registration and login pages, but there is no guarantee that they fit everyone’s user register page requirements. How about some extra fields in the registration form? What about registration spam control? Or perhaps manual approvals? For all this, and many more reasons, we built RegistrationMagic – the ultimate registration toolkit to create custom user registration page in WordPress.

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