How to Add Rich Contact Information in WordPress

How to Add Rich Contact Information in WordPress
Ronald Woods

Web search engines like Google or Bing are trying to pull more and more semantic from the content of the websites they index every day. Specific markups like microdata and microformats have been created to help search engines understand the meaning of your content. Search engines utilize this data to provide additional information on the search results page. Having rich snippets in search has shown to improve click through rate. In this article, we will show you how to easily add rich contact information in your WordPress site, so they can be displayed as rich snippets in the search results.

Add Schema to WordPress: How to Get Rich Snippets for Your Site
Alexander Bradford

The customization tab provides colors for you to adjust. Once again, you have the option to leave the presets, but you may want to match the snippet box to your website’s branding. This snippet box will appear towards the end of your WordPress post, so that’s what you’re customizing. It actually has nothing to do with the way your schema markup looks in the search engines.

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