How to Add Multiple Authors (Co-Authors) for Posts in WordPress

How to add multiple authors in a WordPress website?
Roy Murphy

To put in short, guest authors are unregistered users of your site, which can send their posts or articles via email and you can add and publish them to your site. To add guest authors to your site, head over WP Dashboard, Users, Guest Authors and click on Add New. Add all the details, including Name, Display Name, First and Last Name, as well as contact info like email, website and more. Once you are done with this part, press Add New Guest Author button. That’s it!

How to Credit Multiple Authors for Posts in WordPress
Alyssa Osborne

However, it would seem that WordPress plugin authors are not making the ability to credit multiple authors for one WordPress post easy. Although the two methods mentioned above are useful, after exploring both of them I am left feeling like multi-author blogs are being cheated. With one plugin being seriously outdated and the other having tight restrictions, I am not sure that this truly solves the problem of crediting multiple authors for their collaboration efforts.

How to Add Multiple Authors for Posts in WordPress – Short Course
Neal Banks

Conclusion: there are many plugin that can help you add multiple-authors but the “Co-Authors Plus” plugin is one of the best. However, you should very careful when using this plugin especially when adding the author-code into your themes Php-file (theme.php) because if any mistake when pasting your author-code then you website/blog will experience an internal-server error which is hard to fix and may require professional web-developers to solve it. On the other hand, you may decide to install a theme that supports multiple authors in order to save yourself from trouble when associated with using author-plugins.

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