How to Add Google Maps in WordPress

How to Add Google Maps in WordPress
Mandy Simon

I have already founded (MapPress Easy Google Maps) and it is nice plugin.
And of course, your attention is very nice support. THANKS!!!
One more thing, please.
I would like to use these maps in tabs but only tab’s (shortcode) plugin I have found so far which shows maps is (Jshortcode). (I mean it shows in second or third tab. The others aren’t showing in second or third tabs.) It is nice plugin too but has very colorful tabs.
May be you would be so kind to advice some other plugins to solve this problem.

How to Add Google Maps to WordPress (In 3 Ways)
Malisa Gerald

We’re obscuring the API key here, since you should never share yours with other people. After all, it’s associated with your account, and you don’t want others to abuse it. In any case, your API key will be a long combination of letters and numbers. Once you have it, return to your dashboard and paste it in where the plugin prompts you to:

How to Add Google Maps to WordPress (Beginner’s Guide)
Sara Pratt

“Show, don’t tell” is a smart rule to follow on your website. Including a map, for example, shows visitors exactly how your business or organization fits into their community. Maps are a more compelling way to encourage people to visit your physical location than simply providing an address – especially when they are interactive.

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