How to Add Content Templates in WordPress Post Editor

How to Add Content Templates in WordPress Post Editor
Jacqueline Medina

Very nice and informative article
I’ve been looking for this feature for months
One question though: if I use this template say for 10 posts and then later update/change the content will those post’s will be automatically updated ?
Let’s say I made a table with background color yellow and used it in 10 posts
If I change my mind later and change the background color to pink will the background color of the 10 posts change to pink as well ?

How to Add Content Templates in WordPress Post Editor
Miranda Burgess

Why to create content templates for the page view for a single post? There are a lot of options. As for the static template pages, you can use different accounts (for example, records of different headings) to create your own content templates for WooCommerce themes. For example, to connect different Sidebars, add files to an additional output code of advertising banners. There are many different options. It is only necessary to include fantasy and think about how to extend the functionality of your site. And create templates for different accounts is a significant step in this direction.

How to Add Custom Style Options to WordPress Post Editor
Maisha Burgos

2. Right off the bat, the plugin will display an error message asking to choose where you’d like to place the editor stylesheet file. Depending on your theme, you can choose between three options. Read those options carefully, and choose the one that is suitable for you. In my case I chose the second option because I’m using a custom Genesis child theme. Click on the “Save all Settings” button to save the changes.

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