How to Add an Author Info Box in WordPress Posts

How to add an author box to your WordPress posts and pages
Jinny Lay

A new panel will apper on your WordPress dashboard called Author Box Lite. Unsurprisingly here you will find the plugin’s settings and there are a lot of them. You can modify the author box’s position and toggle its appearance on posts and pages. Almost all of the box’s colors can be changed under the Appearance Settings tab. You can also toggle various box components, such as the description or the latest posts tab. Finally you can rearrange and/or toggle the appearance of the built-in social networks. The plugin offers a lot of customization to help you get an author box tailored to your specific needs. Check it out.

How to Add an Author Box/Bio in WordPress – 2 Methods
Tessie Huffman

There’s very little not to like about Fancier Author Box. The only downside is that the look of the author box isn’t going to gel with all design styles. For instance, in my opinion the look doesn’t really go well with a minimal blog design style because it gives off a totally different vibe.

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