How to Add a Countdown Timer Widget in WordPress (3 Methods)
Johnnie Rivera

Our WordPress Countdown plugin allow website owners to create nice and functional timer just in a few minutes. This is the best way to create beautiful Timers for your users.
You can use our plugin in your posts/pages and widgets. It’s very easy to use and there isn’t any need of coding knowledge.
Sheri Cook

jQuery T(-) Countdown Widget will display a highly customizable HTML5 countdown timer as a sidebar widget or in a post or page using a shortcode. Perfect for informing one’s website visitors of an upcoming event, such as a pending space voyage. Using Jedi Mind-tricks and CSS… but mostly CSS, the countdown timer is highly customizable for your viewing pleasure. A complete listing of shortcode options are available, as well as free community support. This plug-in was inspired by littlewebthings’ CountDown jQuery plugin. Intergalactic planetary thanks to, and for the included css styles. This is a legacy plugin and will no longer be updated. The actively developed version of this plugin can be found at: T(-) Countdown.

10 WordPress Countdown/Timer Plugins [Absolutely FREE]
Deena Tibbs

Evergreen timers are for marketing purposes to generate sales. Unlike standard timers, evergreen timers are variable and unique to each visitor. Basically, such timing counters create a sense of urgency by displaying limited-time offers or special discounts for the next couple of minutes or hours. Don’t set such counters for a long period of times unless required.

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