How to Accept Bitcoin Payments in WordPress

How to Accept Bitcoin Payments with WordPress
Malisa Gerald

This is one of the best ways to accept payments. That’s because you can send or receive payments from almost anyone from across the world. And you don’t have to worry about additional charges nor middlemen – like banks. It’s slowly evolving as a payment method.

How To Accept Bitcoin Payments in WordPress
Albert Andrews

If your site already utilizes WooCommerce then the following is the recommended payment method. Firstly you’ll have to download and install the BitPay plugin for WooCommerce. Once you’ve activated the plugin go to the WooCommerce >> Settings page and click the ‘Checkout’ tab, then click on the BitPay tab to begin settings configuration. Underneath the API field, there’s a link you click to generate your API key. You’ll then be delivered to the BitPay website, and once there you can click the ‘Add New Token’ button. Proceed to label your token, and click the button once again to proceed.

How to Accept Bitcoin Payments with WordPress
Teri Powell

Easy to install and setup, Digital Paybox enables customers to decide how much they would like to pay for a digital product. You can set a minimum payment (or a fixed price if you prefer) so this plugin is a good option if you are looking to receive donations for your digital downloads. Once a payment has been made, Digital Paybox automatically sends a temporary encrypted link to the buyer via email, allowing them to receive the digital product.

How to Accept Bitcoin on WordPress – Your Step-by-Step Guide
Jeffie Bustamante

Think of a Bitcoin wallet as a digital bank account, which helps you add and pull out funds from your website. When a user completes a transaction on your WordPress site the Bitcoin is initially stored on the site. This is fine, but websites are vulnerable to hacks and outages, leaving you with less control over your money. Therefore, the wallet is where you can either hold it (safely) or convert it to your local currency. If you only want to convert the Bitcoin and have it deposited into your regular bank account, a wallet isn’t all that necessary.

WordPress Website Templates
Ashanti Morley

When continuing, BitPay shows you a paring code. Copy this code and paste it in your WooCommerce BitPay Setting page. Upon clicking on the find button, WooCommerce will connect to BitPay to verify the paring code. When succeeding, it will automatically fetch and store your API key. Click on the Save settings to store changes you have made.
Now customers should be able to see Bitcoin payment option on the checkout page of your website.

How to accept Bitcoin payments on your WordPress website
Esther Cunningham

The big advantage to a Bitcoin wallet is the conversion. Many merchants wonder if they’re stuck with Bitcoins in an account. That’s not the case. The primary wallets convert your Bitcoins into your local currency, giving you regular “real” money if that’s what you’re looking for. After that, the Bitcoin Wallet can be used for your own purposes, to send Bitcoins to other people or to use the coins to purchase items elsewhere online. Some of the most popular Bitcoin Wallets include the following:

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