How Disable Self Pingbacks in WordPress

2 Methods to Disable Self Pingbacks
Tasha Peters

Hey Boutros AbiChedid – kudos to informative post … have not tried your code suggestions referenced in said post but wanted to literally “ping back” to you on extra spaces in code … this is one of those areas, space breaks or necessity of lack there-in (space breaks that is), is terrain that is seemingly simple to grasp, easily overlooked, and later found to be root source for painful errors but i digress … cheers from connecticut … cordially, chuck scott

How to Disable Self-Pingbacks in WordPress
Donnie Frantz

A pingback is basically an automated comment that gets created when another blog links to you. A self-pingback is created when you link to an article within your own blog. Pingbacks are essentially nothing more than spam and simply waste resources.

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