First Quarter of 2012: Affiliate Summit, WordCamps, CES, Oh My!

First Quarter of 2012: Affiliate Summit, WordCamps, CES, Oh My!
Marg Cornell

The second WordCamp is very very close to home. It is in Miami. Yup, if you need an excuse for a vacation and want your business to pay for it. Just head on over to WordCamp Miami 2012. We will be volunteering at the event for sure because it is a local event. Not sure if Syed is speaking there, but we will update you guys once we receive the decision. We have been to WordCamp Miami for the past 2 years. Both years were amazing, and they were both SOLD OUT events. Miami not only has a great WordPress community, but it has great beaches. The first day of the event is dedicated totally to BEGINNERS!!! It is going to be amazing. Mark the dates in your calendar. February 17th – 18th. They might have a 3rd day for developers ONLY with BBQ. Its in the works.

WordCamp San Francisco 2014
Gerardo James

Unlike the main WCSF conference, which can have as many as 800 attendees, the community summit is a smaller, more intimate gathering of community leaders. Because of the format and the goals of the day, it’s necessary to cap registrations at a much lower number. Our first community summit in 2012 was 105 people, which everyone thought was just about perfect. To keep it that small, the event was by invitation only, based on an open application/nomination process. Invitations went to the most active contributors in the open source project, to people running WordPress-based businesses that were recognizably important to the ecosystem, and to a few people who were doing a lot outside of the project/business areas, such as on Stack Exchange or on independent blogs.  This process ensured that the people in the conversations were peers, so an advanced level of experience could be assumed of all participants with confidence.

WordCamp San Francisco 2014
Concha Pappas

An iteration on the 2012 WordPress Community Summit, this will be a day of group conversations between contributors and WordPress professionals to build bonds, identify issues, and plan upcoming projects. This event will have separate registration as the attendance is capped based on venue capacity, which will be the Automattic Lounge.

WordCamp San Francisco 2014
Hortense Schiller

“Typography is everything” has been one of my mantras for many years. It is one of the most important aspects about visual communication, yet we rarely discuss it. It sets the tone, message, readability, as well as the experience in performing tasks. Typography can be so great that you don’t even notice it’s there when reading, or it can be so bad that it messes up your experience to the point of frustration (Like sending an article to a reader to avoid on-page distractions). Really, I believe that type is an important aspect of user experience and I’m super thrilled to be presenting on it an WordCamp San Francisco!

WordCamp San Francisco 2014
Johanne Slattery

And I was right:  it was an absolute whirlwind. I met hundreds of folks whom I previously only knew by their Twitter handles and Gravatars. At WordCamp San Francisco, we got to chat over coffee, beers, lunch, and elsewhere.

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