Faceproof WordPress Plugin

Guadalupe Cruz

The Herd Effects is a simple and effective solution to increase the conversion on the site. Using a WordPress plugin for social proof will allow you to demonstrate the activity of other users to visitors of the resource. The plugin forms a “herd effect”, attracts attention and motivates to commit various actions.

Treena Barry

picu uses its own, independent design for proofing collections, instead of the theme’s templates. This ensures a consistent, user-friendly and easy to understand workflow for your clients and prevents a lot of compatibility issues between themes and plugins. Customization and branding options are available with our Pro modules.

Jacob Stone

Custom Field Suite (CFS) lets you add custom fields to your posts. It’s lightweight and battle-tested (there’s not much to break).

Carlton Stokes

Use the [iplayerhd] shortcode to easily add responsive iframe-based video embeds to your website (YouTube,…

Phyllis Norton

Update: Tested with WordPress 5.2.1
Update: Use WP object cache to prevent indexes being generated multiple times per page view
Update: Add thumbnail directory URL setting and correctly discover URL when wp-content location is not the same as WP core (notably Pressable sites)
Fix: Better discovery of image source for explicity set index images

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