Common Gutenberg Questions Answered (WordPress FAQ)

Common Gutenberg Questions Answered (WordPress 5.0+ FAQ)
Gregg Frank

It sounds like you may be on in which case you may want to take a look at our article:
The editor on should currently be using Gutenberg/the Block Editor without the need to install anything.

Common Gutenberg Questions Answered (WordPress 5.0+ FAQ)
Colin Blake

While it worked well, users had to learn different approaches to add images, create galleries, embed videos, add tables and other content elements. This learning curve combined with modern web standards made WordPress seem like it’s harder to use when compared to other popular website builders.
Monique Rodriquez

After installing FAQ block for Gutenberg you need to go to page or post section where you can see the Gutenberg editor and click on add block. Select FAQ block and add your question and answer. You will also be able to give the styling to FAQs.

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Jackie Woods

Overall, WordPress 5.0 should work fine with any theme, but the developer may need to add in Gutenberg-specific features like block styling and full-width images. The same goes for page builders; there’s a chance that your custom work needs some fine-tuning. Probably not something you wanted to hear, but we recommend you test things out on a staging site location. Basically, this is a test site that you can check for problems before you go live with it.
Nevada Luciano

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Pam May

Furthermore, there are no Meta Boxes that are needed by various themes and plugins, Advanced Custom Fields, Yoast, plugins that allow custom CSS just for that page/post, just to mention a few. Gutenberg if not done properly, is going to be a disaster, not to mention, way more confusing to end users. Even if we convert our shortcodes to blocks, there are already 20+ blocks available now, adding another 30-40 from our shortcodes conversions, it will be a total mess. Also, do these blocks support php or just html? Without php, how are we supposed to create certain blocks that check if a user is logged in/out for example? Time will tell what will happen, but I have a very bad feeling about this, I hope it stays as a plugin, and work on something like shortcake.
Halina Shipp

There is also a section for known compatibility issues, this section mostly focuses on plugin and theme conflicts. We will use the information about conflicts to improve Gutenberg moving forward as we then have known, affected, sources to test against. It also lets you, as a user, know why the editor may not be working in your particular scenario if you recognize any of the affected plugins or themes. Please note that although a plugin or theme may be listed, this does not mean there is anything wrong with them. It merely means they are doing something we may not have accounted for, and we are looking into what may be causing the reported conflicts.

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