Blogging from the Heart (but Smart)

Blogging from the Heart (but Smart)
Herminia Pennell

On the other side of the spectrum is blogging smart. Darren went over several techniques he used to on his in the past. First, set goals. If you want your blog to turn into a business then treat it like one today. Second, know your readers. It will make it a lot easier to reach your audience if you know what moves them. Also, make sure you consider your branding and marketing. You need to figure out how you want people to see your blog and then actively pursue that. Another important thing is to know which hooks to use. Hooks are what keeps your readers engaged or “hooked” to your site. These include twitter, facebook, google reader, etc. You have to know what hooks will appeal to your readers and use them.

Blogging from the Heart… But, Smart! My Chit-Chat with ProBlogger, Darren Rowse
Delphine Creamer

To kick-start 2012 I’ve decided to post this video a little earlier than I had originally anticipated. Even though it was shot at BlogWorld in LA, last November, I was going to release it at the end of this month, as part of a little series I plan on doing. However, when I was looking at it earlier today, the content just grabbed hold of me again, and I realized how important of a message it is for all of us bloggers! Hence the decision to post it earlier than planned.

When I wrote my first blog post back in April 2006 I had no idea what I was getting myself into.
Hilda Gomez

“Many, many thanks to you for Blogging From The Heart. It was my first e-course and the best internet experience I had since I became an internet user. 🙂 You have a fantastic ability to make people feel your warmth and concern through your words and photos. That is the most inspiring. What was the most important for me, personally – I’ve seen the “picture”. To explain, my blogging and life as well looked like a puzzle I desperately wanted to put together. I just couldn’t see the whole. All parts of the puzzle developed in their own way with no connection. So the first week of the course appeared the hardest and the most useful to me. The puzzle suddenly began to gather through my newly made blogging mission. It took about two weeks to complete it – I didn’t write all the time, but returned to the point every free moment. Et voila! The blogging mission turned into life mission for this very period of my life. Great! I just can’t find words to express all my gratitude to you for that discovery.” MARIA

It’s Hard To Earn Money From Blogging, But Not For The Reasons You Might Think
Ashanti Morley

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