Beginner’s Guide to WordPress File and Directory Structure

Beginner’s Guide to Understanding WordPress File Structure & Database
Salvador Moore

WordPress file structure: WordPress currently powers over 30% of the top 10 million websites on the internet. It’s been named the fastest growing content management system for 8 consecutive years. The platform is popular because it enables users to build a website quickly on their own. But WordPress is more than just a website building platform. It’s a community spanning across the globe that is growing stronger every year. If you are a budding member of this WordPress community, this post is for you. Just as a child learns alphabets before learning how to read sentences and how to write, understanding the WordPress file structure is a stepping stone towards learning more about WordPress. So here’s a guide to WordPress structure and database.  

Beginner’s Guide To WordPress Plugin Development
Sheryl Cain

In this brief tutorial we’ll be going over the basic steps required to create a simple WordPress plug-in. The functionality will be used to create dynamic excerpts based on the number passed into our function call. You’ll need to upload the plug-in file and activate from the Admin panel, then follow up by calling our function from whatever pages we want the excerpt to appear. Links to completed plug-in source code is already added later in this article 🙂

wp-content – A Beginner’s Guide to WordPress’ Most Important Directory
Ernest Cook

Nick Schäferhoff is an entrepreneur, online marketer, and professional blogger from Germany. He found WordPress when he needed a site for his first business and instantly fell in love. When not building websites, creating content or helping his clients improve their online business, he can most often be found at the gym, the dojo or traveling the world with his wife. If you want to get in touch with him, you can do so via Twitter or through his website.

A Beginners Guide to WordPress Plugin Development
Onita Prosser

Most custom WordPress plugin development tutorials assume a working knowledge of code, so if you’re planning to create your own plugin, you may need to learn or brush up on the basics of PHP, CSS, and HTML in order to correctly write the code that executes your plugin idea.A custom WordPress plugin represents an idea captured in code, designed to add specialized functions to any compatible WordPress site. Though WordPress site builders can choose from an ever-expanding list of plugins created by developers around the world, it’s possible for just about anyone with simple coding skills to create functional, efficient plugins that streamline the workflow and extend the functionality of any WordPress site.

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