Automattic Revamps Code Poet to Become More Than Just a Listing Site

Automattic Revamps Code Poet to Become More Than Just a Listing Site
Darla Wong

What does this mean for the official directory? Considering it is almost non-existent because it is pushed all the way at the bottom, we believe there are plans to rebuild it. We were told that while they are not including new companies at the moment, everyone is open to submit their companies. Once they re-open the directory, it will be included. We can only assume that the team is working on making Directory a part of the website. Let’s hope they don’t get rid of it altogether.

Concha Pappas

We couldn’t help but notice that you’ve visited this page a few times. It looks like you’re really thinking about working here, huh?

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Debby Brand

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Emile Emmons

Almost everything we produce is in a public SVN repository somewhere, so if you’re developmentally inclined we recommend checking them out, so to speak.

Apply to be listed in the Code Poet Directory
Carolyn Joseph

The Code Poet directory is currently for WordPress developers that can provide services to big clients with relatively complex projects. In order to be included in the directory, we’d like to share some best practices that you should follow to make your site more effective for prospective clients. Please read through them before applying:

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