Announcing WordPress Mafia WordPress Coupons – Quick & Easy way to save money

Announcing WPBeginner WordPress Coupons – Quick & Easy way to save money
Emily Alexander

The idea behind WPBeginner coupons is to keep our community updated with exclusive deals that may be going on around the web. Let’s face it, we are all way too busy to keep track with every single useful discount deal. I know when I miss a deal, I say to myself “dang-it, I wish someone told me about this deal before”. But sadly, there is no coupon site within the WordPress industry that can do that. Plus, keeping track of these deals is no one-man job. Therefore, our editorial staff will keep our eyes and ears out to keep you posted on cool deals. Also, we are launching this in a hope that we will get a lot of community interactions/tips. If you know about a deal or a coupon that should be in there, then let us know about it. There is a very easy way to submit new coupons on the site.

17 Quick and Easy Ways to Save Money
Thelma Turner

Saving money can be painless. It can even be a little fun with the right approach. It’s possible to save a ton of money with some minor adjustments in your spending habits. The trick is to save your savings. If you spend the money you save, you’re not gaining any ground.

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