Announcing WordPress Mafia Glossary – Dictionary of WordPress Terms
Tricia Tran

The “LuckyWP Glossary” plugin implements the glossary / dictionary functionality on the website: an alphabetical list of terms with definitions for these terms. The LuckyWP Glossary uses responsive web design and provides high compatibility with WordPress themes and plugins.

WordPress Glossary: 10 Commonly Used WordPress Terms Explained
Gerardo James

With, you need to find suitable hosting, download the WordPress software, and install it on your server. It gives you full flexibility to manage your site, choose themes, plugins, and extensions, and you totally own your data. also puts you in total control over your website and allows you to monetize it freely.
Monica Wilkerson

● New terms are added in a special type of post “Dictionary”.
● The letters to the terms are automatically determined.
● You can translate this plugin into your language by using any editor. (If you did, please email me throw off the transfer, which would facilitate my work).

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