Adding a post rating system in WordPress with WP-PostRatings
Ophelia Mauro

I spent most of my free time creating, updating, maintaining and supporting these plugins, if you really love my plugins and could spare me a couple of bucks, I will really appreciate it. If not feel free to use it without any obligations.

Adding a Post Rating System in WordPress with WP-PostRatings
Gerardo James

Now if you notice in the above screenshot, there are bunch of options. First is to select the title of your widget. It is best to select like “Most Rated Posts This Week” or something. Depending on how you do rest of your settings. Statistic Type field has tons of options which allow you to show Highest Rated, Most Rated, Lowest Rating, and Highest Rating. You also have the option to pick these stats by category or by time. The next option asks whether you want to include both your posts and pages. This is entirely a personal choice. So pick as you like. The widget shows 10 most popular entires by default, but it can be changed by editing the No. of Records to Show. We strongly recommend that you don’t make it more than 10 because it just looks bizarre with most designs. You can also set the number of minimum votes a post needs to have before it can make it into this list. Depending on your site design, you may or may not want to adjust the Maximum Post Title length. If your theme location is wide enough, we recommend that you set the value to 0 to disable it. If you are using the Category or Time specific statistic type, then you would need to modify the last two fields. Click and save and you are done.

WP-PostRatings — рейтинг постов WordPress
Tifany Wynne

И снова здравствуйте, мои дорогие друзья! Сегодня заглянул к себе в черновики блога и о ужас, оказывается рассказать о плагине WP-PostRatings я собирался ещё полгода назад. Ввёл заголовок, вставил миниатюру и…. дальше уже не помню. С кем не бывает? Теперь инструкцию – Как установить рейтинг постов на сайт WordPress – срочно в номер.   Да, да – это тот самый рейтинг постов со звёздами, который выведен у меня в блоге после сообщения (раньше было). Как сделать рейтинг постов, записей, страниц на блоге/сайте через плагин. 

Adding a Post Rating System in WordPress with WP PostRatings
Janett Grogan

If you added it to the php files, did you use the if statement written out in: If you are using the shortcode you would want to take a look at the updated shortcode on:
Alice Klein

Rate my Post is a lightweight, responsive and free WordPress rating plugin which allows you to quickly and easily add rating widgets to your posts and pages. You can add rating widget to your posts and pages with a shortcode or automatically in plugin settings (every post/every page, below the content). The plugin also comes with results widget which can be added automatically, above the content of your posts, or manually with a shortcode.

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