Declaration of Name

The mafia word in our name doesn’t represent or symbolize an organized crime. The term mafia may refer to a bad meaning. But, we are using this name to represent a group of people who are ready to help the WordPress community, specially beginners.

About Us

Hello and a Warm Welcome to WordPress Mafia. A free resource for blogging enthusiast specially on WordPress.

Our goal is to provide helpful guides and tutorial specially for beginners so that, they can manage their site, customize it and deliver their output easily.

We are providing full guide from how one can install WordPress on hosting server’s control panel, design the site, add features, solve or fix the errors and problems that occurs during the journey.

And we are also focused to suggest good value tools and search engine optimization of WordPress site.

Our Story

Around at the middle of 2009, we registered WordPressmafia.com domain and started out site on WordPress after the end of 2010.

WordPress Mafia was initially started with a focus to provide all information related to WordPress. For some reasons, we weren’t able to deliver the contents properly. So, we switched our niche to premium WordPress templates.

Later, we realized that, we were not performing as we should be with that much of efforts and expenses. Then the site stopped getting much attention from us.

During the recent global pandemic, we saw a lot of small and medium business owners were trying to make their online presence through WordPress. Because WordPress is very friendly for non techy and less skilled people.

Although, WordPress is friendly for everyone, it still requires proper guidelines to work perfectly at first attempt. Therefore, we again continued the blog with the motive to help WordPress users.