9 Best Quiz Plugins for WordPress (2019)

Top 10 WordPress Quiz Plugins to Increase Engagement
Olive Jacobs

Quiz and Survey Master is a great quiz plugin….when it works. Support is spotty to non-existent (the auto-responder is the only reply you will get). A recent update knocked out the ability to create new quizzes and edit existing quiz questions. I purchased an addon to provide for charging and payments for quizzes. It doesn’t work and the Quiz and Survey Master folks haven’t addressed this issue since early March 2018. They have a premium support and addons program for $198. I can’t see paying this for a plugin that has so many problems.

5+ Incredible WordPress Quiz Plugins for 2019 to make your WordPress more interesting!
Silvia Bell

If you are looking for an app to create quizzes for your website in an interesting and engaging way, then you should definitely try Quiz Cat. Effortless, this app can be the real game changer for your website with its unique and beautiful landing pages. You can create unlimited quizzes with this app and you can even have as many questions as you want on each one. After the completion, you also have the option to customize the message that shows up at the end of each one to make it more amusing.

Julieta Lister

Your quiz or survey can be graded with an incorrect/correct system or a points-based system. Or not at all. You ask for contact information at the beginning or the end and you decide which contact fields are required. You can decide to use all the questions or only a select few chosen at random. You can also set the number of questions per page or have all the questions on one page.

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