5 Best Popular Posts Plugins for WordPress

Alyssa Osborne

Although several similar plugins exist today, Top 10 is one of the most feature-rich popular post plugins with support for thumbnails, shortcodes, widgets, custom post types and CSS styles. The inbuilt caching system also helps reduce server load by caching your popular posts output. The tracking uses ajax and is thus compatible with most popular caching plugins.

5 Best Popular Post Plugins for WordPress in 2018
Chantal Wren

Related Posts for WordPress is very simple to configure. After activating related posts for WordPress plugin, it gives you the option to link all your posts with one click. More options lie inside the “Related Posts” menu. You can see this menu by navigating to Settings → Related Posts from your dashboard. You can display related post using widget or shortcode. Though the related post plugin automatically creates related posts, you can still add, edit and remove related posts. This popular post plugins for WordPress doesn’t offer overwhelming amount of options to configure this plugin, yet, the overwhelming feature of popular post plugin is its performance. It keeps the website fast by creating its own cache.

The 9 Best Popular Post Plugins for WordPress Bloggers in 2016
Jasmin Woodall

Wasn’t Jetpack bundled with WP for quite sometime, if not still. If that is the case your statistic about how many sites it is “installed” on really isn’t beneficial as far as that point goes. Maybe a statistic about how many sites have it activated/enabled and are using it would be more beneficial. Since I’m not a blogger I haven’t had the need for Jetpack yet and I find it mildly annoying that I need to disable and uninstall on several of the last sites I built.

5 Best Popular Posts Widget Plugins For WordPress
Rolando Sharp

Yet another simple plugin to show popular posts on a widget. People who love simplicity over advanced control will like this plugin. This plugin has no dedicated settings page for the users. You will have to use the drag-n-drop feature from the appearance> Widget to use it. One of the biggest drawbacks of this plugin is that it has not been updated for more than 2 years (at the time of writing). Let’s see the notable features below:

Sherri Payne

The ideal plugin for stats, related posts, search engine optimization, social sharing, protection, backups, security,…

Angelic Beyer

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