26 Best Minimalist WordPress Themes for Writers (2019)

26 Best Minimalist WordPress Themes for Writers
Ginger Malone

Hi there,
I’m looking at buying a blogging WP theme but none of the sites answers my question: What about compliancy to GDPR standards? My site will be hosted in Germany = EU so it falls under these regulations. Since most themes come from non EU sellers I’m not sure this topic is covered.
Thanks for your input!

Top 7 Best Minimalist WordPress Themes for 2019
Frances Henry

As you can tell from the screenshot, this is a truly minimalist theme. There is very little in it besides the text. Most notably, the template makes excellent use of watermark-like drop caps to add a premium flourish to each post. The homepage is built with a few different “sections” where you can customize what content displays, there are a handful of post layouts to choose from, and you can change the primary color to whatever color you’d like. While Typology has quite a few more features, it looks so great out-of-box, do you really want to change it that much? If you want a minimalist theme for writing, go check it out.

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