21 Plugins to Efficiently Manage WordPress Multi-Author Blogs

Lance Watson

Solves the co/multi-author problem without modifying the theme. Uses a custom taxonomy, "Byline," that replaces…

21 Great Plugins for Manage Multi-Author Blogs
Dollie Hatton

21 Great Plugins to Manage Multi-Author Blogs Efficiently: This is an interesting collection of plugins to manage multi-author blogs and add extra visibility to your co-authors. Weblog Tools Collection is a multi-author blog that is put together by highly dedicated and talented authors in various parts of the planet. We collect and put together news, information and articles throughout a 24 hour period and are probably watching over the blog and the comments in one way or another. We rarely ever meet face to face and tend to communicate via IM, email and a very rare phone call from time to time.

Minh Snider

Assign multiple bylines to posts, pages, and custom post types via a search-as-you-type input box. Co-authored posts appear on a co-author’s archive page and in their feed. Co-authors may edit the posts they are associated with, and co-authors who are contributors may only edit posts if they have not been published (as is core behavior).

WordPress Plugins to Manage A Multi-Authored Blog
Lorine Spear

It’s a simple to use Notes plugin for your blog. This plugin puts a Notes area in the writing screens, which can be used to enhance collaborative work between multiple authors working on a single article. It also puts a Notes area in the dashboard, which can be used to keep notes and share ideas between authors and other users of the blog.

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