19 Best Mobile Apps to Manage Your WordPress Site

19 Best Mobile Apps to Manage Your WordPress Site
Carolyn Joseph

What do you recommend for blogging apps on the Mac? I tried Bloggo, and it changed all my tags to categories, which was not fun to remedy. I am test-driving Mars Edit and like it, but it is 39.95, and I can’t help remembering the old days when it was substantially less and did most of the same (I’m old ). There seems to be a wide dearth between free and 40.00. I will pay for Mars Edit if I must, because I need an alternative to the built-in WordPress browser interface. What other good candidates am I missing? Thank you!

Wendy Hughes

MobiLoud News apps, on every platform, are native mobile apps. Most competing solutions instead give you HTML5 apps. The big difference is in performance and user experience. Native mobile apps are fast, run smoothly on the mobile devices they are designed for, and make full use of each platform’s capabilities. They’re also easier to use, because they’re designed to look and feel familiar on each mobile platform, be it iOS or Android. A mobile app allows your users to receive push notifications, share with a single tap, quickly comment on articles and access content offline. In short, if you want to impress your users, go native and build a real mobile app!

10 Mobile Apps to Manage WordPress While You’re on the Go
Christy Underwood

Clean, clutter-free writing space – that’s what you get with iA Writer. The app works as a text editor that helps you draft business proposals, short notes, full-fledged novels, blog posts and really anything else that you need to write. The fuss-free screen helps you stay focused on your writing without any distractions. In fact, by using the Focus Mode, you can keep the focus to just one sentence at a time.

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