17 Best WordPress Plugins for Photographers

17 Best WordPress Plugins for Photographers
Onita Prosser

Hi there, since I am a photographer and do have a WP website I thought to give some input here. There are some plugins in your list I never would use, simple they slow down your WP pretty much. To many plugins in your WO site and all starts to go slowly! Page Speed is important for Google and when you fill up your website with many plugins which are easy to code, well then better coding instead a plugin! The Cache Plugin you mentioned might be nice but not the fastest! There is a better one and much easier to set up. The one you mentioned messed up my whole site. SEO for sure YOAST is the go 180% ! All other plugins u mentioned, well if I built a new website again, which will be done this year, I keep the plugins to the absolute minimum!! Reason page speed, Google wants to serve top notch, your site is fast as better u rank. Good luck

22 Best WordPress Plugins for Photographers
Jana Frazier

You can create multiple optin forms such as lightbox popup, scroll-triggered slide in boxes, floating bars, after post forms, sidebar optin forms, and more. These optin forms will help in converting your abandoning visitors into customers. You can see this beginner’s guide to email marketing to learn how to get started.

19 Best WordPress Plugins for Photographers in 2019
Kathryn Holmes

In WordPress, MonsterInsights makes it easy to track all your website traffic and gather actionable metrics to improve your site. It’s the best Google Analytics WordPress plugin which you can utilize to track all the important information about your users and their interactions with your photography site. You can learn where your users are from, what they like, which pages they are visiting the most, what links they are clicking, etc.

7 Best WordPress Plugins for Photographers
Catherine Scott

As a photographer, you always work with photos of large sizes. Of course, you shouldn’t upload these large images as it is because heavy image files will strongly affect your website’s performance. When working with albums of photos, obviously you can’t manually adjust each image one by one either. Luckily there’s a way to solve this problem.

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