16 Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers

25+ Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers
June Mack

By using this plugin, you can create link according to your wish using the domain name. It is available for free in the name of Pretty Link Lite, and you can upgrade to the pro version on subscriptions. In simple words, it helps you in shortening the links and also exhibits you the report of the hits by tracking each hit on your link. It can work on WordPress versions above 4.7.

11 WordPress Plugins Marketers Should Know About
Grady Harris

With the help of this plug-in, you can be assured that the search rankings of your website are going to improve drastically, primary because of the numerous optimization features that the plug-in has. This is definitely unique because each and every feature has the ability to optimize each and every post, term, as well as pages on the site so that it can be located easily by viewers over the internet. In addition, the features also make the site searchable on the different social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. It does not matter if you are not an expert or completely new to search engine optimization, this website is definitely going to help in optimizing the site.

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